When I’m creating imagery of the built environment I am committed to showcasing the creativity, imagination, and technical prowess of my clients by producing the finest quality photography of their work. The architects, interior designers, furniture and product designers who hire me to record and help promote their output have given their all to their craft – I match their commitment with my own.

Making portraiture presents me with an awesome responsibility. I am asked to work collaboratively with another person to create images that “stand for” that person, that “(re)present” that person and as such those images must be imbued with something of the essence of that person. My role in a portrait session is to enable, to catalyze, to bring energy to the experience, energy that will promote a response in the subject which in turn will allow them to show themselves truly, fully, safely and clearly to my camera.

Whenever I am making images, whether making art for its own sake, or commercial images for the sake of my clients and their brand, my approach is always the same – respect the process, engage with my collaborators to understand what our common goals are, commit fully to the task at hand, and ultimately deliver beautifully crafted, high quality images which contain the sentiment, the human context, the clarity of vision or the expression of the ideas which is required for the image to be thought of as successful.